Sunday, November 27, 2005

Finished the EMBA course!

I have just finished the EMBA course. I feel great because I have done it quite successfully with the help of many others.

If I make a comparison between me today and the person I was more than a year ago, I find changes in several aspects:
- Mindset and working habbit: I become more confident and familiar with hard-working habbit. Going to the course is just like going to the gym for excercising the mind as stated by somebody.... My mind seems to be stronger now after solving so many case studies by myself or with others.
- Better understanding of business reality: Such things like the value chain, change management,...were unknown to me before. I have more tools in my "tool box" now.
- Networking: Now I have friends in Singapore, China, India...
- Getting up late: Many of my classes are in the afternoon. My roommates and neighbors get up late, so so do I.

I feel grateful to the lecturers, school officers and friends. Each of you has taught me different valuable things. Sometimes there are many things that I had to do at the same time but with your mentoring and encouragement, I carried on enjoyably... What you have taught me will continue to have an influence on my future work and life and I am happy that I am now equiped with such valuable knowledge, skills and mindset.


At 6:08 AM, Blogger JD said...

Tai, what school did you finally wind up at? I'm very happy that you've completed your studies. What are your plans now?

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