Monday, May 09, 2005

What is special about studying EMBA in Singapore?

A lot of assignments that require reading, thinking, writing and teamwork. What you get everyday is new knowledge, skills and habbit. You will notice how important it is to use your time wisely. Right now, for example, I have two assignments to work on. But, also I find it interesting and useful to do such stuff. It is more practical than theoretical. I also have the flexibility to choose topics of interest to work on.

It is quite easy to pass exams but tough to get high scores. I also notice that the way Chinese and Indian people think is quite different from Vietnamese. It is interesting to know about their culture, too: Ramadan, arranged marriage, the food they eat...

You want to know more about studying MBA in Singapore and want to consider taking this step, feel free to add my nick: to your yahoo messenger. I can help you apply successfully (Vietnamese people only). Please indicate that you want to study BBA (batchelor of business administration, MBA) so that I know that I can add your name to my list.


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